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5 July 07

Dear Sirs,

Numeracy through Football Initiative at Grosvenor Park Primary School, Morecambe.

The work of S7 Soccer Academy staff was observed for a short time during the inspection of this primary school on 4 July 2007. Both the PE focused work and that on numeracy were considered good.

Points from the football session included:

  • Everyone entered in events with enthusiasm, very good behaviour management.
  • The session was fully inclusive (statemented pupil with physical disability).
  • A good contribution to curriculum enrichment, extending standard provision: promotes fun and enjoyment.
  • Good liaison with the PE coordinator.
  • Helps to raise the profile of PE.
  • Contributes well to social and moral development.
  • Standards average, teaching good, progress good.

Points from the numeracy session included:

  • Visitor rapidly established good rapport with pupils, liaised effectively with staff and was effective in managing the class.
  • Brisk pace; clear explanations of tasks and answers.
  • Appropriate printed resources, suitable context (players' shirt numbers, buying price of players etc).
  • Pitch of work is suitable for the pupils; two and three stage mental arithmetic that equates with average Y6 standards.
  • Work has sufficient range in demand to keep all interested and allows all to have something they can do. Grouping in teams is effective.
  • Helpful association of numeracy with football - and 'players' - encouraging pupils' more positive view of numeracy.
  • The key elements are the visitor's easy manner with pupils of this age and the liaison between visitor and staff about how to run things.
  • Standards average, teaching good, progress good.

I hope these points are helpful to you as you continue to develop your work with schools.

Yours sincerely,

Jim Bennetts

Her Majesty's Inspector


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