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FREE Coaching Resources here to watch & learn - Soccer Coaching Drills

S7 Soccer Academy has been delivering the 3 Core Subjects featuring Key Elements of Education since 2005.

We launched our Numeracy & Literacy through Soccer Initiatives and most recently our Science through Soccer Initiative to help us achieve our goal. We will be launching a Healthy Eating through Multi Sports Initiative early in 2011.

Each of the initiatives are engaging action packed days that leave the children asking “when are we doing the educational side”, as teachers celebrate their pupils completing tasks in 5 or 6 key areas of each subject, without the pupils even realising it!

S7 Soccer Academy also offer various other initiatives out of school hours, these are predominantly Multi Sports Holiday Courses during all school holidays, the National Average for Child Care is £3.50 per hour, our Holiday Courses work out at £1.40 per hour (£35 for week) giving parents an enormous £52.50 saving each week per child.

We deliver Street Dance Classes during school time, extra curricular and also evening classes for Beginner / Intermediate and Advanced Classes.

All S7 Soccer Coaches have experience of working on Professional Soccer Academies which guarantees that the level of Soccer Coaching Drills we offer is unrivalled and of the highest standard, these Soccer Coaching Drills can also be downloaded from this website for PE Teachers, School staff, Junior Team Managers, Soccer Coaches etc to use with their teams or classes. These Soccer Coaching Drills can also be applied to other sports like Dodgeball, Basketball and Netball to help improve standards of all sports in schools.

Use S7's Downloadable Soccer Coaching Drills to "Help Shape a New Generation of Talented Soccer Players". We have designed all of our Soccer Coaching Drills to be user friendly, this is to ensure that any coach regardless of their coaching experience and knowledge can understand how the Soccer Coaching Drills work, our entire library of Soccer Coaching Drills in each topic can also be downloaded as an animation allowing you to watch the Soccer Coaching Drill in action. "A PICTURE PAINTS A THOUSAND WORDS!"

S7 What We Offer:

Numeracy through Soccer (Fun Learning Days) - this has been designed to help give children ways to relate parts of sport to parts of the Numeracy Curriculum, and help understand the important part numbers will play in everyday life.

Literacy through Soccer (Fun Learning Days) - this has been designed to help children learn spelling, sentence forming and many more areas of Literacy using Soccer as a learning tool.

Science through Soccer (Fun Learning Days) - this has been designed to help children learn about important areas like Healthy Eating, Plotting Graphs, Conductors, Forces, Frictions, Body Parts using Soccer as a learning tool.

Soccer Coaching Drills - following requests from schools, teachers and high praise from OFSTED after observing our Soccer Coaching Drills, we have now decided to offer our Soccer Coaching Drills to download to help improve standards over a sustained period in Primary / Secondary Schools.

Numeracy Revision Booklets - this booklet has 19 Fun engaging Numeracy tasks and challenges, all linking Numeracy with Soccer. Using soccer and sport we show children numeracy is fun and related to everyday life. Also Perfect for teachers looking for Numeracy resources & Lesson Plans that are part of creative learning.

Sports Equipment - parents can purchase essential items needed for children to safely participate in a variety of sports activities from our S7 Store.

PPA Time - we can usually be available the following day! If you have teacher on a course, or off ill and need a supply teacher at short notice, or just someone to cover the class teacher so they can do other things then give us a call. We can also cover medium and long term PPA.

Afterschool Programmes - we run Extra Curricular Courses (featuring sessions from our Soccer Coaching Drills template) across the North West. These run for a 4 /5 or 6 week block with all programmes incorporating 8 sports.

Holiday Courses - we run Holiday Courses as an alternative to child care (featuring sessions from our Soccer Coaching Drills template) across the North West delivering week long programmes incorporating 8 sports.

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