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Tips for planning Football Coaching Drills

Stage 1 - Warmup

Before any Football Coaching Session ensure your players do a warmup, this can involve running movement, or can be more creative using footballs to keep the players interested, or in an ideal world try to involve the Skill / Topic your Football Coaching Session is going to involve.

Stage 2 - Skill Drill

Remember you wouldnt try driving a car along a busy motorway before taking driving lessons and patiently learning how to drive to prepare you for what lies ahead. Let your players practise the Skill / Topic of your Football Coaching Session in an easy to understand routine, this should be setup non-competitive and managed so that your chosen Skill / Topic is repeated every few seconds (this will quickly help your players remember the techniques involved). Try to avoid queing for a turn, give every player a ball where possible, and crucially this should remain a pressure free environment where the players can use trial and error.

Stage 3 - Functional Practise

Now try to progress the Football Coaching Session slightly, give your players a little more freedom and possibly introduce some passive defending or pressure to make the situation a little more real. Remind your players that if the Football Coaching Session is an attacking topic when it is their turn to defend or apply pressure always allow the player practising the Skill / Topic to have success, there is nothing worse than a player who is struggling to pick something up never actually getting a chance to try it as his opponent keeps tackling him before he can. Keep reinforcing the aim of the Football Coaching Session and encourage players to concentrate on that rather than similar moves they may know. They will get a chance to express themselves and make decisions in the next stage!

Stage 4 - Progression into a Match Situation

Now is the time to put the Skill / Topic into practise. Setup a match that can be 2v2, 4v4, 6v6, 7v7, 8v8 or a full 11 aside game, this may or may not involve goal posts. Remember the more players per team will almost certainly mean less touches per player and a smaller number of opportunities to try out what they have learned. Keep reinforcing the aim of the session and challenge the players to make it work when faced with genuine opposition.

Before you start planning...

Ask yourself a very important question...Did you learn to drive a car in one lesson? All Skills / Topics CAN NOT be learnt in one Football Coaching Session. Try to spend between 2 - 4 Football Coaching Session in a row working on the same overall topic but keep refreshing the drills slightly so your players dont get bored!

Improving and developing your footballers' talent using fun football coaching drills is vital to becoming a Football Coaching legend!

Following hundreds of requests from schools, teachers, football coaches, PE Teachers and high praise from OFSTED after observing our Football Coaching Drills, we have now decided to offer our Football Coaching Drills to download to help improve standards over a sustained period in Primary / Secondary Schools and Junior League Football.

With that in mind, S7 Soccer Academy is here to help you to become the best football coach you can be, all of our Football Coaching Drills can be adapted to suit various ages and abilities and most importantly include progressions to help you keep improving your players and provide them with variation.

Our Football Coaching Drills:

S7's range of football coaching drills covers all ends of the field - all the way from passing a football correctly and improving fitness to a team’s diet and dribbling techniques.

Whether you are training a youth or adult team, try these incredibly effective football coaching drills to improve your team's performance.

The numerous benefits of Football Coaching Drills include:


  1. Confidence building - Become a confident football coach by learning more about the beautiful game than you could ever imagine.
  2. Developing players - With football coaching drills your players will become harder, better, faster and stronger in no time.
  3. Time saving - No need to spend hours preparing anymore. S7 football coaching drills make it easy to get new ideas. Download - read - print - done.
  4. Variety - New football drills make sessions fun and exciting for the whole team, as well as boosting their confidence in the realisation they are completing the same drills as Premier League Academy Players of their age.
  5. Suitability for all abilities - You don't worry about isolating players when you use S7's football coaching drills. It's ideal for both brand new players and seasoned veterans - and for both youth teams and older footballers.
  6. Always remember the best Football Coaches are the ones who continually strive to improve, our Football Coaching Drills have been collected over a number of years from some of the top coaches at Premier League Clubs, we learnt from them and hopefully we can now help you to learn too. Who knows maybe then you can take some of the ideas and principals from our Football Coaching Drills and start designing / adapting these sessions to create new drills of your own and continue the circle!
  7. The biggest benefit of S7's Football Coaching Drills - is you choose exactly which Football Coaching Drills you want, when you want them, no more signing up for memberships and getting emailed a goalkeeping drill when you desperately were hoping for an attacking routine. You have the power to decide what topic you receive, every single time with our Download & Print System!
  8. Every Football Coach out there knows designing new Football Coaching Drills every week to keep your players interested and motivated, not only this drills that develop your Football Players them is the biggest challenge for all us Football Coaches, with that in mind we will be adding 5 new Football Coaching Drills every week, this is so that hopefully you will never have downloaded them all and have nowhere to look for help.
  9. S7 Soccer Academy is the way forward to help football players progress both as an individual and team football. No need to worry about football coaching drills anymore because here we provide all the answers with excellent, easy and very understandable football coaching drills suitable for all ages.
  10. Worried about the general fitness of your football team and not sure exactly what to do the help this. Check out our fitness football coaching drills and help improve the fitness of your football players.
  11. Too many young footballers get bored and lose interest in the game and are lost to football. Too many football coaches simply dont have the time to plan and organise training sessions every week, help yourself and your players out by getting some help from the experts with our football coaching drills!
  12. Do you struggle coming up with fun enjoyable "football coaching drills", if so we have a large range of exciting and motivating "football coaching drills".
  13. Are you looking to maximise your players to their full potential, why not try some of our high standard "football coaching drills" that work on all aspects of your football players game. All of the drills are inventive and promote enjoyment in the sport.
  14. All of our football coaching drills can be downloaded to help football coaches across the world. We have specific drills for all parts of football. We are always developing new original sessions to ensure you will never be stuck for a drill again. Using our coaching knowledge we make sure all of our football coaching drills are fun and every single player in involved.
  15. Is football training important to you and your players? If the answer is YES then this website is the place for you, become a confident football coach by learning and implementing Premier League Football Training Drills into your team.
  16. Keep your football players one step in front of the opposition by adopting our football coaching drills into your training sessions. Keep your football players full of confidence and enthusiasm meaning they want to learn by using new effective football training drills.


Use S7's Downloadable Football Coaching Drills to "Help Shape a New Generation of Talented Footballers". We have designed all of our Football Coaching Drills to be user friendly, this is to ensure that any coach regardless of their coaching experience and knowledge can understand how the Football Coaching Drills work, our entire library of Football Coaching Drills in each topic can also be downloaded as an animation allowing you to watch the Football Coaching Drill in action. "A PICTURE PAINTS A THOUSAND WORDS!"

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