Numeracy Courses

A Brief History

March 2005 - S7 Soccer Academy are formed and launch their first venture in Curriculum Enrichment with Numeracy through Football Initiative. Daniel and Lewis are the only staff and deliver all the initiatives.

September 2005 - S7 Soccer Academy double their workforce taking on two full-time coaches in order to launch a second group to try to meet the demands of schools wanting to take part annually.

September 2006 - S7 Soccer Academy build on the fantastic response received so far, by launching their Literacy through Football Initiative.

July 2007 - S7 Soccer Academy receive a glowing report from "OFSTED" whilst visiting Grosvenor Park Primary School in Morecambe.

September 2007 - S7 Soccer Academy make it a clean sweep of all 3 core subjects for schools to choose from by launching a new Science through Football Initiative.

October 2008 - S7 Soccer Academy complete their 1000th Curriculum Enrichment visit into schools.

January 2009 - S7 Soccer Academy launch their "Beat the Santa" sponsored events to help schools raise funds.

April 2009 - S7 Soccer Academy appoint Marilyn Stubberfield as full-time Office Manager to help keep up with the enormous paper work and work load generated from the three educational initiatives along with their Numeracy Home Booster Booklet sales.

August 2009 - S7 Soccer Academy increase their coaching numbers to six full time coaches, and appoint Matthew Pilkington as Head Coach to overlook the three groups.

September 2009 - S7 Soccer Academy aim to meet the challenge of making their Curriculum Enrichment Days "SUSTAINABLE" by publishing their Numeracy through Football Home Booster Booklet that contains 19 tasks all linked to football, this book is designed to build on the terrific impact the days have and show the children the link between numbers & football, ultimately keeping them interested in maths and learning.

March 2010 - S7 Soccer Academy are one of six businesses chosen to feature in a £450k campaign called "Stand out in Darwen". The aim of this campaign is to inspire children and show local Role Models they can aspire to.

April 2010 - S7 Soccer Academy expand their range of services by launching a second branch of the business called S7 Multi Sports Academy. They will offer Multi Sports After School programmes, and Multi Sports Holiday Courses.

September 2010 - S7 Soccer Academy launch their brand new Website that includes features where children can play online games & check their schools position on Top 100 Schools, teachers can download lesson plans in all 3 core subjects, PE Teachers / Coaches can download football session plans, Numeracy Home Booster Booklets available to buy online and many more...

September 2010 - S7 Soccer Academy launch their "Super Athlete" sponsored event to help school raise funds to help tackle the recent cuts made by the government.

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