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During the Literacy lesson the class will be split up into mixed ability teams and will score points for the work they produce and also score bonus points for behaviour. This encourages children to work together as a team and it also gives the lesson a slight competitive edge which will hopefully have a positive effect on the way the children work.

Task 1 = Descriptive Writing – using various interesting football items e.g. John Terry signed shinpad.

Task 2 = Words from Words – using a selected football word or phrase.

Task 3 = Grammar Task – using football reports and newspaper articles.

Task 4 = Alliteration Task – using footballers names and fun, exciting food menus.

Task 5 = Unjumbling words Gameshow – using famous football players, teams, words and phrases.

The tasks can be differentiated and adapted depending on year group, and also any children with learning difficulties or high ability children should be pointed out to staff before the lesson commences, so that their personal targets can be altered to suit their own needs.

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