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St Josephs Todmorden Parents Comments - Feb Half Term 2011

"Building a Better Community"

"Really Glad my kids came"

"I had lots of Fun and enjoyed taking part with my kids"

"Keeps my kids fit and active"

"Lots of smile, coaches and school staff really friendly"

"Good meeting children from other schools"


"My son loved the Multisports week at Ashleigh, I have never found it so easy to get him out bed in a morning. He came home with a trophy, medal and certificate which takes pride of place in his bedroom. I am used to paying around £100 per week for childcare which he hates, £35 pounds per week is an amazing price, he comes home every day exhausted after having a great time...HEAVEN!!!"

Lucy - 30th July 2010 - Ashleigh Multisports Week

"I would just like to say thank you for organising the activities over
the summer holiday for my children Christian and Julian. They really
enjoyed it and it give them something to do especially Christian who
has a heart condition and does not go out anywhere. WELL DONE TO EVERYONE"

Mrs S Howe - 27th Aug 2010 - Eaves Multisports Week

"I loved the football because its really fun and you can score lots of goals!"

Nathan - Aged 6 - St Josephs Todmorden Multisports Week

"I loved dodgeball because you get to run around and throw balls at each other" :)

Oscar - Aged 8 - St Josephs Todmorden Multisports Week

"I liked the handball because even though we didnt win many games it was still fun playing it"

Darcy - Aged 9 - St Josephs Todmorden Multisports Week

"I really enjoyed everything because all the games are exciting"

Maja - Aged 8 - St Josephs Todmorden Multisports Week

"I liked rounders because you get to hit the ball with a bat and run to bases"

Louie - Aged 6 - St Josephs Todmorden Multisports Week

"I thought it was cool!"

Jessica - Aged 11 - Eaves Multisports Week

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