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Super Athlete Sponsored Event

MR PAUL CRONIN (Headteacher - St Laurence Primary School, Kirkby)

"Our Super Athlete Day organised by S7 Soccer Academy was a resounding success. The children thoroughly enjoyed the exciting and challenging activities and the whole day was superbly organised. The coaches were excellent. The event generated £2452 towards our school funds!"

Has your school and your children been badly affected by the recent government budget cuts?

Are you looking at ways to help raise some much needed funds whilst at the same time providing the children with a fun experience?

We have launched as of “September 2010” our SUPER ATHLETE - SPONSORED DAY, the sole aim of this event is to help schools raise some much needed funds in a fun, engaging and exciting way whilst at the same time encouraging children to take part in various sports.

What does this event involve?

We would first of all come into school and do a slot in assembly explaining to the children how the event would run, and we would send them home with an Information Sheet and a Sponsor Form.

The best part is there is NO COST for this initiative and therefore no risk involved for schools, all paperwork and organising will be done by our staff, and a huge guarantee that all children involved will have a fun experience and your school will receive a much needed financial boost to the school funds.

We would then come and spend a day in school running the event, we try to cause as little interruption as possible during the day and each class would only be required to be in the hall for 20-30mins, during this time each child will take part in 4 different sporting activities. These being:

a)     CRICKET – 3 balls at a cricket wicket (5 points if you hit the wicket or 1 point if you miss the wicket, but get between two accuracy cones placed either side of the wicket highlighting a near-miss).

b)     FOOTBALL – 3 shots into our fabulous accuracy net (children can score points ranging from 5 points for shooting in the top corner, to 1 point for down the middle on the ground).

c)     DODGEBALL – 3 throws at our Inflatable Simpsons Family – featuring Homer Simpson. Children score 5 points if they hit Homer or 1 point if they miss Homer but get between two accuracy cones placed either side of the Inflatable Homer highlighting a near-miss).

d)     STANDING LONG JUMP – children will have 3 attempts at a standing long jump, they will score either 5 / 10 / 15 or 20 points depending on the distance of each jump with a maximum of 60 points on offer in this event.

Children will then add up their scores to give them their SUPER ATHLETE TOTAL SCORE.

Children then have a unique way to improve their total points tally by 100%, any child who successfully raises £10 or more for their school, will have their Points Total DOUBLED dramatically increasing their chances of winning the Top Prize.

A similar event proved a massive success with St Laurence Primary School (Kirkby) managing to raise over £2000.
Money raised will be split 60% / 40% in the schools favour which will hopefully give the school a large financial boost.

For more information or to book a day for us to run the Event please contact Daniel on 07950 936289 or on the Enquiry Form using the Multisports tick box.

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